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Game Plan July 4, 2022

The Fourth of July holiday is one of our nation’s most important celebrations. Families and communities typically come together to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Fireworks, parades, and picnics all help us remember what has been accomplished, and what remains to be achieved. That sense of celebration, of simultaneously looking both backward and forward, is what everyone at Major League Football is feeling today. The August 9th season kick-off is only 36 days away and much work remains ahead. But perhaps this is also an appropriate time to look back on exactly how far we’ve come. Back in March, MLFB CEO Frank Murtha announced a policy of “Doing It Right the First Time.” Murtha, and the entire Executive Management Team, understood that to build credibility with all our stakeholders we needed to be upfront and aboveboard in every action we took. So, to use a football cliché, for several weeks earlier this year we focused on the “blocking and tackling” necessary to put together a group that could get#cleatsinthegrass. An experienced management team was assembled. The right investment firm relationships were secured. Partnerships with important vendors were put in place. A dynamic website was launched that would serve as an important communication link with stakeholders as well as a source for officially branded merchandise and game tickets. Once these items were in place, we were able to begin focusing on the “fun” stuff. On March 21, we announced Terry Shea as our first official head coach. Coaches Jerry Glanville, Bill Conley, and Earnest Wilson were added over the next few weeks. These solid, some would say exceptional, men immediately brought tremendous prestige and credibility to our efforts. All four of these gentlemen would go on to put together an outstanding staff filled with coaching professionals who have dedicated themselves to the game and the development of players. It is not an exaggeration to say that the players of the four MLFB teams, Alabama Airborne, Arkansas Attack, Ohio Force, and Virginia Armada will benefit from teachers with literally hundreds of years of coaching experience. Announcing the coaches and their staff was a critical step but perhaps, more importantly, was where would the games be played? In keeping with our goal of getting it right the first time, it took several weeks in May and June for MLFB to announce Little Rock, Arkansas, Canton Ohio, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and, finally, Mobile Alabama as our Core Four – the league’s original host cities for the upcoming season. Stadiums for the league’s Core Four include Ladd-Peebles Stadium (Alabama Airborne), War Memorial Stadium (Arkansas Attack), Virginia Beach Sportsplex (Virginia Armada), and the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Bowl (Ohio Force). With the host cities, stadiums, and coaching staffs in place, attention turned to the official football, uniforms, ticketing information, a game schedule, and, of course, players! On May 25, MLFB announced a partnership with Dallas-based Big Game USA on the design and production of our Team Issue official game ball. Exciting uniform designs came from Red Moon Marketing with an eye toward both uniform function and fun designs! Founder Sports Group will be the official uniform company for the league. Mobile, Alabama was announced as home for MLFB’s initial training camp on June 24 with city officials welcoming league players and coaches with open arms and best wishes for a successful camp and season. Camp opens on July 18 and MLFB coaches and players are already hard at work putting together teams that play an exciting brand of football. The 1st of July, game ticket purchase details were announced including a partnership with Etix to handle online ticketing for the Alabama Airborne, Arkansas Attack, and Virginia Armada. Those tickets go on sale at 9:00 am Wednesday, July 6th. Ticketmaster was named as the online ticket source for the Ohio Force. And while some final details are being ironed out on ticketing in Canton, fans will be thrilled to learn they will be able to purchase tickets throughwww.mlfb.com and at all the stadium venues. As ticketing information was being made available, we announced our complete 2022 schedule all while reminding fans that in 2023 we look to become “America’s Home for Spring Professional Football.” Our 2022 game schedule for this season. August 9 Arkansas Attack@Virginia Armada August 9 Ohio Force@Alabama Airborne August 16 Virginia Armada@Ohio Force August 16 Arkansas Attack@Alabama Airborne August 22 Virginia Armada@Arkansas Attack August 23 Alabama Airborne@Ohio Force August 30 Ohio Force@Arkansas Attack August 30 Alabama Airborne @Virginia Armada Sept. 6 Championship Game. Team TBD. Home Teams Bold and Italicized Finally, and certainly not least, coaches began recruiting players from around the country to complete team rosters. Players who, they believed, could benefit from MLFB’s core mission of player development. Be sure and keep an eye out on our website and social media outlets for the opportunity to get to know these outstanding young men on a personal level. “Doing Things, the Right Way the First Time” has proven to be more than just a slogan here at MLFB. It’s how we approach every decision and influences every interaction with you, the fan. And as we take this moment to celebrate what’s been accomplished, we fully understand that much remains to be done in the next 36 days as we drive toward kick-off on August 9.

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